Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Tongjia TH series injection molding machine four core components◆Clamping parts,Reliable-5-point twin –toggle locking mechanism ,The clamping parts in good rigidity ,High speed clamping is stable while low pressure protection is accuracy ,Automatic quantitative lubrication system ,Oil shortage alarm ,Ejector stroke precisely controlled by transducer ,plenty of ejector modes for you to choose

Plastic blow molding machine

The machine is mainly to used for the production of a variety of civil storage tanks, transportation facilities, large-scale recreational facilities, the use of world-class technology and the top configuration to meet customers of 1000-10000L container production. Four core technologies: 1. Wall thickness control system. Servo valves, controllers are used in the United States MOOG brand, so that the wall thickness is more uniform, more beautiful products. 2. electrical system…

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